Miniature Commemorative War Medal (unstamped)

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  • Miniature Commemorative War Medal (Unstamped)
  • Miniature Commemorative War Medal (Unstamped) Reverse

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$30 USD


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    This version is composed of bronze.


The Commemorative War Medal (1914-1918) was awarded to military personnel of the Belgian Armed Forces and nurses in recognition of service from August 1, 1914 to November 11, 1918.

Several clasps were awarded with the medal to recognise specific roles or services that were rendered during the war. A gilt crown was awarded to volunteers, a black bar was awarded to prisoners of war, an anchor was awarded to members of the Merchant Navy, crossed anchors were awarded to Marines, a silver lion was awarded to members of the Belgian Intelligence Service, and a silver crown was awarded to members of the Belgian Intelligence services who had received an Order. A single silver bar was awarded for 12 months of service, while all additional silver bars were awarded for 6 months of service. A gilt bar replaced five silver bars. A red cross was awarded for each wound incurred in combat, and a silver star was awarded to those who returned to active service after recovery from wounds or sickness. Two additional clasps were awarded to members of the Belgian Expeditionary Corps for service in Russia. A "1916-R-1917" clasp was created first by an unconfirmed Royal Decree, and later an official "1916-R-1918" clasp was created.

The reverse inscription translates to “Commemorative Medal for the 1914-1918 Campaign” and appears in French and Dutch.


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