Miniature Silver Medal (for 25 Years, 1863-1905)

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  • Miniature Silver Medal (for 25 Years, 1863-1905) Obverse
  • Miniature Silver Medal (for 25 Years, 1863-1905) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$15 USD


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    This version is composed of silvered metal and enamel. 25mm is a length measurement.


The Labour Decoration has undergone a number of reforms since it was established by Royal Decree in 1847 including its form, its name, and its awarding statutes. It is classified into two types based on the changes outlined in official documents. Type I Decorations were awarded from 1847-1863, and Type II Decorations have been awarded since 1863.

The Type II award was instituted on May 9, 1863, as the “Industrial and Agricultural Decoration,” but was later named the “Labour Decoration,” on April 29, 1958. It is awarded to all manual labourers, intellectuals, artisans and merchants in service of an employer.

In 1957, the Decoration was extended to all workers, Belgian or foreign, who were killed in workplace accidents in Belgium. When awarded under these circumstances, the medals are decorated with a black enamelled “MORT AU TRAVAIL – ARBEIDSSLACHTOFFER” (Deceased at Work) ribbon clasp.

There are two versions of the Gold Medal that differ in inscription. Both versions feature an obverse inscription that translates to “Skill, Morality,” but the first version appears in French, while the second version appears in both French and Dutch.


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