Service Star, in silver (1889-1910)


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  • Silver Star (1889-1910) Obverse
  • Silver Star (1889-1910) Reverse
  • Silver Star (with 2 clasps, 1889-1910) (by Fonson) Obverse
  • Silver Star (with 2 clasps, 1889-1910) (by Fonson) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$110 USD


  • Country
  • Makers
    Fonson, Brussels
  • Composition
    Silver/Silver gilt
  • Inscription
  • Size


The Service Star was created by Leopold II, King Sovereign of the Congo, on January 16, 1889. It was revised twice after its creation and was permanently discontinued following the declaration of Congolese independence on June 30, 1960.

It was awarded to Belgian citizens for completion of service tours in the Congo. From 1889-1910 only the Silver Star was awarded for the completion of a 3-year tour, but in 1910 an additional grade was created. From 1910-1956, the Gold Star was awarded for 10 years of service in the Congo, and the Silver Star was still awarded for a 3-year service tour. From 1956-1960, the Gold Star was awarded for 15 years of service, and the Silver Star was awarded for 6 years of service. A bar clasp could be awarded for each subsequent 3-year tour.

There are three versions of the Silver Star. The first version, awarded from 1889-1910, features the motto of the Belgian Congo in French on the reverse medallion. It translates to "Labour and Progress." The second version, awarded from 1910-1956, resembles the first version but differs in size., and the third version, awarded from 1956-1960, resembles the second version but features a reverse inscription in French and Dutch.


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