Order of Fidelity, Badge (diamonds)


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  • Order of Fidelity, Badge  (diamonds) Obverse

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    The image of the Badge is attributed to Jakubkaja and Wikipedia at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ordre_de_l%27Union_Parfaite_(Amalienborg_Museum).JPG through the release of the work into the public domain by the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.


Also known as the "Order of Perfect Union", "Order of Perfect Alliance", or "Order of friendship", this Order was established by Queen Sophie Magdalene, King Christian VI's wife, in honour of their eleven years marriage. This Order was conferred upon royal relatives, foreigners, and, powerful nobles and officials, associated with the court.

When established, the Order was awarded with diamonds to, King Christian VI, Queen Sofie Magdalene, Prince Frederik, the Queen's brother Frederik Ernst and his wife, and the Queen's mother, Chistiane Sophie of Brandenburg-Kulmbach.

Both women and men were eligible to receive this Order. Women would wear it on their left breast with a bow, and men on a left button hole of their coats.

The Badge consists of crowns at each end of a white enamelled cross. Among the crowns resides alternating Norwegian lions and Brandenburg eagles. The center is comprised of a blue enamelled medallion with the monograms of the Queen and King intertwined together on the obverse and an inscription translating to "In commemoration of the happiest union" on the reverse. The oval may be surrounded by diamonds.

There are approximately 8 badges that still exist, three of those consisting of diamonds. The badge may also be found at the Frederiksborg Castle and the Rosenborg Castle.

The Order's insignia is returned to the throne if recipients later received the Order of Queen Caroline Mathilde, as well as, upon death.

This Order was abolished upon the death of the Queen on May 27, 1770.


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