Mural Crown for the Conquerors of Bastille, Type II, Mural Crown


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The Mural Crown for Conquerors of the Bastille was established on June 19, 1790. It was awarded to each conqueror of the Storming of the Bastille who was not a member of the French Guard. They were sometimes called "Bourgeois Conquerors."

The decoration was awarded in 1790, and is pierced three times at the base of the crown. The second Decoration was awarded in 1832, and is not pierced at the base of the crown. See July Monarchy for more information.

Officially, 954 decorations were awarded in 1790, before it was abolished by the National Convention on August 20, 1793. In 1832, 350 decorations were re-issued to surviving veterans.

During the Revolution period, decorations were made of bronze but may also appear in bronze gilt or silvered bronze. The unofficial inscription “RECOMPSE NLE DÉ A. [NAME] VAINQR DE LA BASTILLE” may also appear on the reverse of the crown. This inscription translates to “National Reward to [RECIPIENT NAME], Conqueror of the Bastille.”

The Mural Crown is translated from French "La Couronne Murale."


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