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    The image of the Order of Saint Hubert, Collar is a scanned image from the Book "Afbeeldingen der Oudere en nieuwere thans bestaande Ridderorden" edited by G.L. de Rochemont and I. Bischoff. The book was published in 1845. It is in the public domain in countries where the copyright is the author's life plus 70 years.


The Order of Saint Hubert was created in 1416 by a council of lords in the Duchy of Bar. It was created to establish peace in the region after a tumultuous period of war between this Duchy and the Duchy of Lorraine. During the reign of Louis XIV, these two duchies became part of the Kingdom of France, then the Order was recognized in the reign, including all the antiques privileges.

The Order was abandoned during the Revolution and the First Empire, however it was confirmed in 1816 during the Second Restoration. Finally, the Order was ended by the Revolution of 1830.

The Order was composed of a Grand Master, 6 Grand Crosses, 30 Commanders, and an undetermined number of Knights. Those in the Order pledged to follow the Catholic faith, and promised to take up arms at the will of the King.

There are several modern fantasy models that exist.

The Collar is described as having 42 links in Artistide-Michel Perrot's "Collection historique des ordres de chevalerie civils et militaires" (1820), but no physical examples from the period have been identified.

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