Decoration of Academic Palms, Type II, Officer of Public Education


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    This version was embroidered directly onto an academic robe.


The Decoration of Academic Palms was established in 1808, and was the precursor to the Order of the Academic Palms, founded in 1955.

At the time of its creation, the Decoration was awarded to eminent members of the University of Paris; it was awarded in three grades, Grand Dignitary, Officer of University, and Officer of Academy. The grades were recognized for the color of the thread.

During and after of the Second Republic, this Decoration was awarded to all individuals within the teaching profession who made significant contributions in science and history, and within the development of the instruction of the arts, sciences and letters. In 1855, the Decoration was reformed, and two grades were created, i.e., Officer of Public Education, and Officer of Academy. These grades were also recognized for the color of the thread.

In 1866, the Decoration was amended again, and it became Decoration awarded on a purple breast ribbon and made of some metal; nevertheless, the 1855 grades remained in the Decoration.

In 1955, the Decoration was promoted to an Order that consists of three Grades; Commander, Officer, and Knight.

Finally, the Order of Academic Palms was instituted in 1955.

The Decoration has three different types which are classified according to changes in grade or form. Type I Decorations were conferred between March 17, 1808 and December 9, 1850, Type II Decorations were conferred between December 9, 1850 and April 7, 1866, and Type III Decorations were conferred between April 7, 1866 and October 4, 1955.

The Type II Decoration was established on December 9, 1850 when the Decoration was extended to elementary school teachers as well as to private instructors. The two new grades were Officer of the Academy, and Officer of Public Education. The Officer of Public Education was awarded after at least five years as an Officer of the Academy.

The Type II Officer of Public Education was initially embroidered onto academic robes with gold colours, but later in the Second Empire, it was embroidered onto black ribbon and worn on the breast.

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