Medal of French Resistance, II Class Bronze Medal Ribbon


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The Medal of French Resistance was created on February 9, 1943 by Charles de Gaulle and the French Committee of National Liberation.

It was awarded to those who played an active role after June 18, 1940 in the Resistance against Axis forces on French soil or in French colonies. This included those who played important rallying roles, those who participated in foreign propaganda and organizations devoted to the Resistance, and to those who fought with Free French Forces in dangerous conditions. Approximately 64000 Medals were awarded, 24000 of which were awarded posthumously. 55 Medals were awarded to collective units.

The first version of the Medal was manufactured in London. Its reverse inscription is in Roman type, while the later, widely awarded version has Italic type. The reverse inscription translates to "The Fatherland Does Not Forget."

Medals were not awarded after April 1, 1947, except those awarded to deportees and prisoners of the Resistance and those awarded posthumously.


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