Medal of Honour for Foreign Affairs, Gilt Medal (with swords and wreath, stamped "H.DUBOIS," 1917-2010)


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  • Country
  • Makers
    Monnaie de Paris
  • Composition
    Silver gilt
  • Inscription
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  • Version Remarks
    This version was engraved by Henri Alfred Auguste Dubois.


The Medal of Honour for Foreign Affairs was created on July 6, 1887. It is called the Medal of the President of the Republic when it is awarded by the President himself.

The Medal is conferred for exceptional services performed by French civil servants, citizens or foreigners, and members of the military while abroad. It can be awarded in absence of service requirements for acts of courage and devotion. It may also be awarded posthumously.

There are three grades of the Medal. Until 2010, the Bronze Medal was awarded for 20 years of service, the Silver Medal was awarded for 25 years of service, and the Gilt Medal was originally awarded for 30 years of service. In 2010 the Gilt Medal was replaced by a Gold Medal. The Silver Medal is now awarded for 8 years of service after receiving the Bronze Medal, and the Gold Medal is awarded for 7 years of service after receiving the Silver Medal. All grades are now awarded with a ribbon clasp.

In periods of war, the Medal may be awarded under “Military Title” for services performed under enemy fire. When this is the case, the grades are as follows: the Bronze Medal is awarded to Enlisted Men, the Silver Medal is awarded to Non-Commissioned Officers, and the Gold Medal (formerly the Gilt Medal) is awarded to Officers. These Medals have surmounting swords.

The Gilt Medal has an obverse inscription that translates to "French Republic."


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