Verdun Medal, Bronze Medal (with “VERDUN” clasp, stamped “VERNIER”)


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  • Bronze Medal (with “VERDUN” clasp, stamped “VERNIER”)  Obverse
  • Bronze Medal (with “VERDUN” clasp, stamped “VERNIER”) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$45 USD


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    Obv: ON NE PASSE PAS Rev: 21 FEVRIER 1916
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The Verdun Medal was created on November 20, 1916 by the Municipal Council of Verdun. The Medal is the most widely recognized, and highest esteemed unofficial Medal in France.

It was intended for those who fought on the Verdun front in World War I between February 16, 1916 and November 2, 1916. In reality, it was awarded to all those in the French or Allied armies who served along the Verdun sector, between the Argonne and Saint-Mihiel, from July 31, 1914 to November 11, 1918.

The engraving of the Medal was entrusted to S.E. Vernier in 1917. Many other Medals were produced contemporaneously. These include those engraved by Augier, Prudhomme, Revillon, and Rene, as well as other anonymous engravers. There following variables may be encountered on these versions: size; composition; manufacturer; suspension.

There are some clasps which may be worn with the Medal. These clasps are all inscribed “VERDUN,” although they differ in manufacturer.


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