WWI Victory Medal, Miniature Bronze Medal (stamped "A. MORLON")

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  • Miniature Bronze Medal (stamped "A. MORLON") Obverse
  • Miniature Bronze Medal (stamped "A. MORLON") Reverse

Estimated market value:

$50 USD


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On January 24, 1919 all Allied countries agreed to manufacture a “Victory Medal” for the Great War. The Medals were required to be made of bronze, 36 mm in diameter, suspended from a double rainbow ribbon, and depict the symbol of Victory with the inscription “The Great War for Civilization.”

France held a contest to find their Medal design. The winning design was submitted by Pierre-Alexandre Morlon.

The Medal was awarded to all French military personnel who served for three months, consecutive or not, between August 2, 1914 and November 18, 1918. It was also awarded to nurses, medics, prisoners of war in the Alsace and Lorrain region, and foreigners who fought under French command. The Medal was also awarded posthumously to those who died in combat, or from a wound or sickness incurred as a result of service.

There are versions of the official Medal which vary in composition. There are three additional unofficial models of the Medal which differ in engraving and manufacturer.


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