Wound Decoration, Wound Decoration (for Military Personnel)


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The Wound Decoration was created on July 27, 1916. It is awarded for every wound incurred in combat. It continues to be awarded, despite the fact that the Grand Chancellery does not recognize the Wound Decoration in any official order of precedence.

The Decoration was awarded officially in absence of commemorative Medals. When a commemorative medal was finally created, the Wound Decoration was worn as a ribbon clasp.

The Wound Decoration for military personnel is a red enamelled star. It was worn on a ribbon bar until 1920, when it was replaced by the Great War Commemorative Medal. The insignia was transferred to the ribbon of the new Medal. The Wound Decoration for civilians is a white enamelled star. This decoration was created on July 1, 1918, and was also worn on a ribbon bar until 1920.

An unofficial medal was created and worn as early as immediately following World War I. See Wound Medal in the Medals and Decorations of France.

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