Order of Cambodia, Miniature Knight

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Estimated market value:

$130 USD


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    Silver/Silver gilt/Enamelled
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The Order of Cambodia was established on February 8, 1864 by King Norodom I. It became a colonial French order on May 10, 1896 and was awarded by the French State until August 25, 1948. It is still awarded today, but as an order of Cambodia.

The Order was awarded for overseas service in Cambodia of 3 years, and for service in colonial expansion. After 1934, the minimum service requirement was extended to 9 years.

During the first three years of the Order, the crosses were suspended from red ribbons with green trim. These were deemed to be too similar to the ribbons of the Legion of Honour, and after December 5, 1899 the crosses were suspended from white ribbons trimmed in orange.

There is a great deal of variety in this Order, and decorations vary in size, composition, and manufacturer.

See also Royal Order of Cambodia in the Orders of Cambodia (Kingdom of Cambodia) for more information.


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