Jubilee Medal for 25 Years of Reign in Gold

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  • date of institution
    May 22, 1896
  • makers
    Royal Mint, Berlin
  • remarks
    This is a very rare medal.

Physical Description

A circular medal constructed of silver gilt. The obverse bears the bust of Duke Friedrich I in military uniform, with a small pebbled border. The reverse bears the image of a robed female figure clutching shields bearing dates “1871-1896”, in front of another figure blowing a trumpet, above two children holding a laurel garland, above a pedestal inscribed “22. MAI”. On a loop for suspension, on a red ribbon with green and white stripes.


The Jubilee Medal for 25 Years of Reign was founded in 1896 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Duke Friedrich I's reign. The medal was conferred upon aristocrats, royalty, senior ducal household servants, members of the garrison of Dessau, and high-ranking state officials. The medals were non-returnable.

The Gold Medal was awarded to members of the aristocracy, members of royal families, and very high ranking state officials. It was only awarded to 16 individuals.

The designer of this medal was Professor Otto Lessing, Berlin. The engraver was Schulz at the Royal Mint of Berlin.


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    $400 USD

  • Composition

    Silver gilt

  • Inscription

    Rev: 1871-1896 DEN 22. MAI

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  • Maker

    Royal Mint, Berlin

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