Anhalt was a historical German duchy. It was was located between the Harz Mountains, the river Elbe and to the Fläming. Anhalt was bounded by Prussia, Brandenbourg, Brunswick and Saxony. The country was divided into the districts of Dessau, Köthen, Zerbst, Bernburg, Ballenstedt, Bernburg and Ballenstedt . The capital was Dessau.

In the 9th century, most of Anhalt was part of the duchy of Saxony. Until the 12th century, this federal state was part of the duchy of Saxony when it was split into several regions. After the 17th century prussia dominated one of those regions in Anhalt. In the middle of the 19th century the area was made a state of the German empire. After World War II it was united with the Prussian parts of Saxony in order to form the new area of Saxony-Anhalt. Anhalt is since German reunification in 1990 has been one of 16 federal states with its own parliament.

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