Long Service Decoration, 1848 (Anhalt-Dessau), I Class Bar for 20 Years

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  • Long Service Decoration, 1848 (Anhalt-Dessau), I Class Bar for 20 Years


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    February 1, 1848

Physical Description

A rectangular bar constructed of silver gilt on a green ribbon bar. The bar bears a Gothic letter "L" for Duke Leopold IV, the coat of arms of Anhalt and the Roman numeral "XX" (20). The reverse bears a pin for attachment.


The Long Service Decoration was founded by Duke Leopold IV on February 1, 1848. The decorations was conferred upon officers and military doctors of the officer rank who had completed 25, 20, or 12 years of active military service. The award was divided into three categories: a cross for 25 years, a I Class Bar for 20 years, and a II Class Bar for 12 years. On May 8, 1864, Duke Leopold IV revised the award. Years of active service counted towards the award, but years spent in captivity did not. Recipients were permitted to wear the award upon retirement. Upon a recipient's death, the award had to be returned. The service cross was valid in Anhalt-Dessau from 1848 to 1867. The Long Service Decoration was replaced by the Prussian Service Award Cross.


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    Silver gilt

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    Obv: L. XX

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