50th Wedding Anniversary Commemorative Medal

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    September 9, 1906

Physical Description

A circular medal constructed of bronze gilt. The obverse bears the busts of Grand Duke Friedrich I and Grand Duchess Louise, encompassed by a border with the inscription "FRIEDRICH UND LUISE VON BADEN 1856-1906". The reverse bears the coat of arms of Baden and Prussia with the dates "1856 1906 20.9" under the coat of arms. On a horizontally elongated suspension, on a red and yellow striped ribbon.


The 50th Wedding Anniversary Commemorative Medal was founded by Grand Duke Friedrich I to commemorate his golden wedding anniversary. This medal was conferred upon foreign dignitaries and ambassadors, military personnel, princes, and recipients selected by the Grand Duke. The German name for the medal is "Erinnerungszeichen für 1906". The 50th Wedding Anniversary Commemorative Medal looks similar to the Friedrich Louise Medal, but the 50th Wedding Anniversary Commemorative Medal bears a border with an inscription on the obverse whereas the Friedrich Louise Medal does not. This medal is also not to be confused with the 50 Year Wedding Anniversary Commemorative Decoration, which is ovular and different in character.


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    $275 USD

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    Bronze gilt

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    Obv: FRIEDRICH UND LUISE VON BADEN 1856-1906 Rev: 1856 1906 20.9

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