Baden is a historical territory in South Germany. It is bounded by Elsass, Switzerland, Pfalz, Hesse and Bavaria. The capital was Baden-Baden, but the moved the capital city to Karlsruhe after a big fire in Baden-Baden.

The margraves of Baden originated from the house of Zähringen. From 1112 to 1535 existed a margraviate of Baden, until the split into two two Margraviates of Baden-Durlach and Baden-Baden. In the 18th century reunited the two parts again. Years later, in 1806 became Baden, the Grand Duchy of Baden. The country also joined the German Reich in 1871. Baden was also part of the Hitler regime.

After the second World War, South Baden and Württemberg-Baden were territories under French and American occupation. In 1952 Südbaden and Württemberg-Baden merged with Württemberg-Hohenzollern in the newly created state of Baden-Württemberg.

A interesting fact is that the historical boundaries can still be found today in numerous organizations like sports clubs, churches and social organizations.

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