Long Service Cross for Domestic Servants for 60 Years

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Physical Description

A Latin cross with an elongated 6 o'clock arm, constructed of silver gilt. The arms bear a smooth border. The obverse centre bears a circular medallion with the monogram of Grand Duke Leopold within a pebbled border. A laurel wreath lays in the quadrants between the arms. The 6 o'clock arm bears the number "60". The reverse is plain and smooth and bears the engraved name of the recipient. On a loop for suspension.


The Long Service Cross for Domestic Servants was instituted on February 16, 1876 by Grand Duchess Louise. It was conferred upon female servants to recognise long and faithful service.

Originally, the cross was conferred upon servants for 25, 40, or 50 years of irreproachable service with the same employer. Applications for the cross were submitted to the women's association, the Badischer Frauenverein, annually by October 15. The Grand Duchess would then make her selections.

The first award ceremony took place on June 13, 1876. The official day of the awards ceremony was December 3, the birthday of Grand Duchess Louise. However, in Karlsruhe the award ceremony was May 21, the birthday of the late Grand Duchess Sophie.

Upon a recipient's death the crosses did not need to be returned, but if a recipient received a higher class, the lower class cross had to be returned. In 1905, the 60 Year cross was added to the award. In 1920, the appearance of the cross changed and was reduced to a single grade. On March 31, 1936, the German Labour Front (DAF) took over the awarding of the cross.

Only five Long Service Crosses for Domestic Servants for 60 Years were awarded.


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    $300 USD

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    Silver gilt

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    Obv: L / 60 Rev: [RECIPIENT'S NAME]

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    Ludwig Bertsch, Karlsruhe

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