King Ludwig Cross

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  • King Ludwig Cross Obverse
  • King Ludwig Cross Reverse
  • King Ludwig Cross Obverse
  • King Ludwig Cross Reverse


  • country
  • date of institution
    January 7, 1916
  • remarks
    There are known examples of crosses in bronze, iron, zinc, and miscellaneous war material.

Physical Description

A straight-armed cross pattée, the obverse bears a central ovular medallion with the bust of King Ludwig III. The reverse bears the inscription "7.1.1916" on a lozenged background. With a loop for suspension.


The King Ludwig Cross was established on January 7, 1916 by King Ludwig III. The cross was conferred in recognition of contributions made to the country and the army during the First World War. Recognized actions for the award included voluntary and military deeds.

The King Ludwig Cross was designed by Bernhard Bleeker and stamped by Alois Börsch.
Women could receive the King Ludwig Cross and wore the cross on a bow ribbon.

Between 1916 and 1918, approximately 73,000 crosses were made, making this award very common.


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    $30 USD

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    Blackened Bronze

  • Inscription

    Rev: 7. 1. 1916

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  • Maker

    Royal Bavarian Mint, Munich

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