Merit Order of the Bavarian Crown, Commander Breast Star

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  • Merit Order of the Bavarian Crown, Commander Breast Star Obverse
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    May 19, 1808
  • remarks
    There is a great deal of variation within the types of the Order. Small variations in design exist because of different manufacturers. The following variables may be encountered: size; composition; manufacturer; medallion; inscription punctuation; surmounting crown or wreath; enameled wreath; suspension.

Physical Description

An eight-rayed star constructed of silver, gold, and enamels. There are examples of the star with faceted and smooth rays. The obverse centre bears the enamelled flag of Bavaria with a Bavarian crown, encompassed by a red enamelled border with the inscription “VIRTUS ET HONOS” (Virtue and Honour). This is encompassed by a green enamelled oak leaf wreath tied with a bow at the bottom.


The Merit Order of the Bavarian Crown was instituted on March 19, 1808 by King Maximilian Joseph I. The order was founded as a civil counterpart to the Military Order of Max Joseph to reward civil servants of the state and foreigners who displayed acts of exceptional merit. Similar to the Military Order of Max Joseph, individuals who received the Merit Order of the Bavarian Crown received a knighthood and were thus permitted to add the title of “Ritter von” to their family name, and those who were not already members of the nobility were ennobled.

The Order of Merit of the Bavarian crown was initially founded with three grades: Grand Cross, Commander, and Knight (as well as the two medal classes). Each grade possessed a limited number of members: 12 Grand Cross members, 24 Commanders, and 100 Knights, but with unlimited gold and silver medal recipients.
In October 1817, the statues permitted 24 Grand Cross members, 40 Commanders, and 160 Knights. Further adjustments to the statutes were also made on February 16, 1824, on October 12, 1834, and on January 12, 1835.
In 1855, the statutes were modified for the addition of the Commander class.
The order was awarded until 1918.
The motto of the order is “VIRTUS ET HONOS”, meaning “Virtue and Honour”.

The Merit Order of the Bavarian Crown is awarded in the following classes: Grand Cross and Grand Cross Breast Star, Commander and Commander Breast Star, Knight, gold medal, and silver medal.


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