Fire Service Long Service Bar for 20 Years

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  • Fire Service Long Service Bar for 20 Years Obverse
  • Fire Service Long Service Bar for 20 Years Reverse


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    November 28, 1887

Physical Description

A rectangular medal bar constructed of silver-plated bronze and gilt, with a blue and yellow striped ribbon. The obverse bears a flat rectangular field with oak leaves and a pebbled border, with a silver plated bronze circular medallion with the number "20" encompassed by a laurel wreath. A helmet with two crossed axes, a ladder and a rope are superimposed partially over the medallion and rectangular field.


The Fire Service Long Service Bar was founded on November 28, 1887 by Prince Albrecht of Prussia, who was acting as regent of Brunswick at the time. The bar was conferred upon members of voluntary Fire Brigades who had rendered meritorious service for a period of at least 20 years. Recipients of the Fire Service Long Service Bar were permitted to wear the bar after leaving the fire department. The bar did not have to be returned upon the recipient's death.


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    $90 USD

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    Silver-Plated Bronze/Gilt

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    Obv: 20

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  • Maker

    Gustav Hanneck, Braunschweig

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