Dukely Order of Henry the Lion, Collar

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    April 25, 1834
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Physical Description

A collar constructed of sliver gilt and enamels, consisting of 10 links. There are two different link styles. The first link is a circular medallion constructed of white enamel with a crowned monogram "W" in the centre, encompassed by a red enamel border inscribed with "IMMOTA FIDES" with a small pearled border. The second link style is a coat of arms in enamels, the left is the coat of arms of Lüneburg and the right the Dukes of Braunschweig, with flagstaffs behind it. On each side is a lion with a raised paw. The main links are connected together with small ovular links. The centre circular link style bears a chain to attach the Grand Cross.
The Grand Cross is a Maltese cross constructed of gold, silver gilt, and enamels. The arms of the cross are in blue enamel with a gold border. The quadrants between the arms bear a crowned "W" monogram. The obverse centre bears a circular medallion with a horse in front of a column on a red enamel background, encompassed by a white twisted border, topped with a crown. The 12, 3, and 9 o'clock arms bear peacock feathers and the 6 o'clock arm bears an image of a knight. The reverse centre bears the inscription "IMMOTA FIDES" on a red enamel background, encompassed by a border with the inscription "MDCCCXXXIV". The top of the cross bears small rays, a lion between two green enamel oak leaves, and a crown suspension.


The Dukely Order of Henry the Lion was founded by Duke Wilhelm of Brunswick on April 25, 1834. The order was conferred upon individuals who distinguished themselves by rendering meritorious military or civil service. Civil service included outstanding work in the fields of art and science.

The conferral of the award was not dependent on an individual’s class or rank.
The grand mastery was linked to the government of the duchy, and the oldest voting member of the ducal state ministry acted as chancellor.
Decorations had to be returned upon the death of the recipient.

During the Franco-German War in 1870, crossed swords were added to all war merit awards.
In 1877, the Knight class was split into I Class Knight and II Class Knight.
In 1908, on the commemoration day of Duke Wilhelm's birthday, the order was redesigned with the addition of a I Class between the Grand Cross and the Commander Cross, as well as an Officer Cross between the Commander Cross and I Class Knight Cross.
The Dukely Order of Henry the Lion was conferred from 1834 to 1918.

On gala days, the Grand Cross was worn on a collar. The collar consists of 10 large links. It is not clear from the statues if the collar was a separate class.


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