Order of the Star of Brabant, I Class Grand Commander Breast Star


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    Silver/Silver gilt/Enamelled
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    Rev: FVNW
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This Order was instituted by Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig to commemorate the birthday of his ancestor Henry I, Duke of Brabant and founder of the Princely House of Hesse.

The Order was meant to serve as a physical representation of the bond between the Prince and his people, and as such, it was conferred upon men and women, without regard for status or class, for civil merit within a variety of fields.

The Order originally consisted of 12 Awards for men and 4 for women. Many of the Awards were only conferred once.

The Order was established shortly before the outbreak of the First World War and was not conferred for war merit. As such, the Order was seldom awarded before it became obsolete in 1918.

FVNW on the reverse stands for: Verdienste um den FÜRSTEN und das VOLK der NÄCHSTENLIEBE, und die WOHLFAHRT des Volkes. This inscription roughly translates to: Services to the Ruler and the People. Charitable services for the wellbeing of the people.


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