House Order of the Phoenix, Knight's Cross


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  • House Order of the Phoenix, Knight's Cross Obverse with Ribbon
  • House Order of the Phoenix, Knight's Cross Obverse
  • House Order of the Phoenix, Knight's Cross Reverse
  • House Order of the Phoenix, Knight's Cross Obverse
  • House Order of the Phoenix, Knight's Cross Reverse

Estimated market value:

$2,500 USD


  • Country
  • Makers
    Godet, Berlin; Steinam, Stuttgart
  • Composition
  • Inscription
    Obv: EX FLAM CLA Rev: P E
  • Size

Physical Description and Item Details

A George’s cross with semi-circular extensions to the arms, constructed of gold and enamel. The obverse cross arms are in white enamel with narrow gold borders. On top of the 12 o’clock arm sits a gold three-piece agraffe in the shape of a French royal lily. The cross arms feature the gold inscription ‘EX’ (9 o’clock) ‘FLAM’ (short for FLAMMIS, 12 o’clock) ‘CLA’ (3 o’clock) ‘RIOR’ (o’clock) (‘from the flame, brighter’). Superimposed on the cross is a gold star of flames. The centre medallion is enamelled in blue with a painted white phoenix looking to the viewer’s right, emerging from a flaming pyre. The medallion’s ring is enamelled in red with a narrow gold border. The reverse is similar, except that the cross arms don’t feature an inscription and there is no medallion. Instead, the star of flames features the monogram ‘PE’ with a blue and white enamelled duke’s hat and a golden imperial orb on top. On a loop for suspension, on a red ribbon with inner white and outer black side stripes.


The order's antecedent, the House Order of the Golden Flame, was founded by Prince Philipp Ernst I. It was originally conferred upon the male and female descendants of the prince in an effort to foster bonds of kinship and friendship.

The order was redesigned by the founder's son, Prince Karl Albrecht I, in 1770 to include the grades of Commander, Commander Breast Star, and Knight. The prince renamed the order the House Order of the Phoenix and expanded the order recipients to include foreign and German aristocrats. Recipients from German nobility had to trace their lineage back a minimum of four generations.

The obverse inscription translates to “In Old Age”, referring to the founder’s advanced age at the time of the House Order’s institution.

The reverse of the cross features the monogram of the founder.


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