Princely Honour Cross, Military Division, I Class Cross (with swords, in gold)


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    The image of the Princely Honour Cross, Military Division, I Class Cross (with swords, in gold) is attributed to Auktionhaus Andreas Thies, 48. Auktion. The image is find in the catalog 48. Auktion 11.Mai. 2012 on page 116, number 1030_48.


The Decoration was founded by Prince Heinrich XIV on 24 May, 1869, and was conferred upon individuals who rendered outstanding service to the Prince and Principality of Reuss-Gera. The Order could be conferred upon both citizens of Reuss-Gera, as well as foreigners.

The Order was originally established for Reuss-Gera (Reuss Younger Line), but following the death of Prince Heinrich XXII of Reuss-Greiz (Reuss Elder Line) in 1902, it was extended to include Reuss-Greiz.

In 1885, a surmounting crown was added to the I Class Cross, and starting in 1909, all Decorations could be awarded with a surmounting crown to indicate special merit. At the same time, the Silver Merit Medal was also added to the Order.

In 1897, the Gold Merit Medal was added to the Order.

Beginning in 1909, the Decorations conferred for military service were awarded with crossed swords through the centre of the cross, or on the ring above the decoration.

After 1909, the crown and crossed swords attributes could both be present on one decoration.

In 1915, a war ribbon was added to the Order. Awards with or without swords could be conferred on the ribbon.

The I Class Cross was conferred upon military personnel with the rank of Generalmajore und Obersten, as well as Sanitation Officers and Military Officials of a similar rank.

The I Class Cross (with crown) was awarded to military personnel with the rank of Lieutenant General and upwards. It could also be conferred upon medical Officers of a similar status, as well as high-ranking military officials, who had the predicate of “exzellenz.”

The I Class (with swords) may or may not feature rays between the cross arms. This may result in a price variation.


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