Reuss was the name of several historical states located in the state Thuringia, Germany. The Imperial County of Reuss was established 1010 by the House of Reuss. In honour of Emperor Henry VI, had all male descendants bore the name Henry and this make necessitating complex numeration.

The line of this family was subdivided about 1300 between a senior branch (dark green on the map) and a junior (light green on the map). In 1564 split Reuss into three lines, because it became Lutherean. Elder Reuss, Middle Reuss and Younger Reuss. Elder Reuss had its capital, Greiz, and other possessions in Oberland; Younger Reuss possessed Unterland, with the capital at Gera, and half of Oberland. But both lines entered the German Confederation in 1815 and became members of the German Empire in 1871.

The two parts of Reuss became a free states in 1918 and merged one year later themseles into a People’s State of Reuss. This was absorbed into the new Thuringia on May 1, 1920.

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