Bravery Medal (in zinc)


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  • Bravery Medal (in zinc) Obverse
  • Bravery Medal (in zinc) Obverse
  • Bravery Medal (in zinc) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$100 USD


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    Obv: 1914 Rev: E II
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    This version was awarded between 1918 and 1919.
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    The image of the Bravery Medal (in zinc) is attributed to Medal-Medaille. See the following page for more information:

Physical Description and Item Details

A smooth circular medal with a raised border, constructed of zinc. The obverse of the medal features a cross pattée with curved arms and raised borders that touch the edges of the medal. The cross features the Saxon coat of arms in the centre, a crown on the 12 o’clock arm, and ‘19’ on the 9 o’clock arm and ‘14’ on the 3 o’clock arm. The reverse features the crowned monogram ‘E II’. On a loop for suspension, on a green ribbon with a narrow white centre stripe and broad white side stripes.


The Bravery Medal was instituted on February 20, 1915 by Duke Ernst II, and it was awarded for outstanding acts of bravery in the face of the enemy. The medal was conferred upon non-commissioned officers and enlisted ranks in the imperial navy, units in the duchy's military, and the 8th Thuringian Infantry Regiment. To be awarded this medal, the recipient had to already have the II Class Iron Cross.

The medal was produced using four different materials, bronze, bronzed war material, bronzed zinc, and zinc. It is estimated that 520 bronze medals and 11,900 medals in other materials were awarded.


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