Wilhelm Ernst War Cross (in silver)


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  • Wilhelm Ernst War Cross (in silver) Obverse
  • Wilhelm Ernst War Cross (in silver) Reverse
  • Wilhelm Ernst War Cross (in silver) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$1,100 USD


  • Country
  • Makers
    T.H. Müller, Weimar
  • Composition
    Silver/Silver gilt/Enamelled
  • Inscription
    Rev: WE 1915
  • Size

Physical Description and Item Details

A George’s cross, constructed of silver, silver gilt, and enamel, with gilded crossed swords through the centre. The obverse cross arms are enamelled in white with smooth silver edges. On each side is a semi-circular laurel branch in green enamel with golden borders. The obverse centre medallion features a left-facing white enamelled falcon with golden borders on a background of golden rays. The doubled medallion ring is golden and smooth. The reverse is smooth and in silver. The reverse centre medallion is enamelled in blue and features the crowned monogram ‘WE’. The medallion ring is identical to that on the obverse. On the 6 o’clock arm is the engraved date ‘1915’. The reverse features a vertical pinback.
Late war specimens may not feature the engraved date.


The Wilhelm Ernst War Cross was established on June 10, 1915 by Grand Duke Wilhelm Ernst. The cross was conferred upon military personnel from Saxe-Weimar who demonstrated bravery and merit during the First World War.

The award was primarily awarded to officers, non-commissioned officers, and enlisted men who served with the 5th Thuringian Infantry Regiment No. 94, but it was also awarded to citizens of Saxe-Weimar who served with other German units during the war. In order to receive the cross, a potential recipient had to already have been awarded the Iron Cross I Class.

The cross was worn on the left side of the tunic beside the Iron Cross.


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