Commemorative War Cross, 1849


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  • Commemorative War Cross, 1849 Obverse
  • Commemorative War Cross, 1849 Obverse
  • Commemorative War Cross, 1849 Reverse
  • Commemorative War Cross, 1849 Obverse

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$100 USD


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    Obv: AR Rev: 1849
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Constructed of gilded bronze, on loop for suspension from its period original ribbon, consisting of a cross pattée with pebbled arms, the obverse with a central wreathed monogram of King Albert, the reverse with a central wreathed date of “1849”, unmarked, measuring 33.48 mm (w) x 38.19 mm (h), weighing 16.2 grams (inclusive of ribbon), in near extremely fine condition.

A pebbled George’s cross with a broad smooth edge, constructed of bronze. The obverse centre medallion is surrounded by a wreath of laurel on the left and oak leaves on the right. It features the crowned and intertwined monogram ‘AR’. The reverse is similar, except that the medallion features the date ‘1849’. On a loop for suspension, on a yellow ribbon with narrow light blue side stripes.


The Commemorative War Cross, 1849 was instituted alongside the Schleswig-Holstein Cross, 1849 by King Albert to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Dybbøl on April 13, 1849.

This cross was awarded to military personnel who were in active service at the time of the battle, but were not directly involved with the Holstein campaign.

This cross had to be sought out by the recipient. It was required that military papers would be provided, or a signed notice from the war ministry, should the recipient be residing outside of Saxony.

The decoration is a cross patteé which presents the cypher AR for Albertus Rex on the obverse, and the year 1849 on the reverse, each surrounded by a wreath. The cross is embossed in one piece.


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