Cross of General Honour, Civil Division


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  • Civil Division (in bronze gilt)
  • Civil Division (in bronze gilt)
  • Civil Division (in bronze gilt)

Estimated market value:

$75 USD


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    Bronze gilt
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Physical Description and Item Details

Saxony, Kingdom. An Honour Cross of 1876

(Ehrenkreuz 1876). Instituted 31 January 1867 by King Albert. (1876-1918 issue). Constructed of gilded bronze, on loop for suspension from its period original ribbon, consisting of an Arrow Cross, the obverse with a central raised monogram of King Albert, the reverse with a central wreathed Saxon coat of arms, unmarked, measuring 39.06 mm (w) x 43.26 mm (h), weighing 17.3 grams, in extremely fine condition.


The cross was instituted by King Albert to recognize meritorious services, acts, and achievements.

This cross was founded to replace the Silver Medals awarded with the Albert Order and the Order of Merit, which were removed from their respective orders in 1876.

In 1901 crossed swords were added as an attribute for crosses awarded to recognize military merit in wartime. For individuals who had already been awarded a civil decoration and were to receive a military one, swords would be added under the ring.

From 1907, the name was changed from “General Badge of Honour” to “Cross of Honour” and a surmounting crown was added to awards for exceptional merit.

The Cross was manufactured in one piece, and the raised areas are polished.

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