Crown Princess Carola Medal, Type III, in Silver (with clasp, for males)


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A smooth circular medal with a raised edge, constructed of silver. The obverse features the right-facing portrait of Queen Carola wearing a tiara, with the circular inscription ‘CAROLA KOENIGIN VON SACHSEN’. Below the neck is the stamp cutter’s signature ‘M. B.’. The reverse features the inscription ‘GESTIFTET FÜR HILFREICHE NÄCHSTENLIEBE’ (‘Instituted for helpful benevolence’) inside a rue leaf wreath that is open at the top and tied by a ribbon at the bottom. On a loop for suspension, on a yellow ribbon with side stripes that are black on the inside and light blue on the outside.
The ribbon features a clasp with rounded edges, with the inscription 'WELTKRIEG 1914-16'. The clasp is made of Neusilber.


The Carola Medal was founded on September 17, 1892 by King Albert and Queen Carola on the 25th anniversary of the Albert Association.

The medal was awarded to men and women of Saxony for special merits in the field of charity in war or peace times. This medal was awarded in gold, silver, or bronze.

Type I medals were awarded between 1871 and 1892, to volunteer nurses for merit in their training during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. This was an internal award provided by the Albert Society, and is listed here for completeness.

Type II medals were awarded between 1892 and 1915. A total of 46 gold, 1,000 silver, and 1,000 bronze medals were awarded. There is a version of the Type II medals with a different reverse inscription reading "ALBERT-VEREIN IN SACHSEN 1867-1892". These medals were only awarded to members of the Albert Association for homeland merit.

Type III medals were awarded between 1915 and 1925. In 1915, the reverse text of the inscription was changed, and the anniversary notice was removed. From 1915 on, it was allowed to wear the medal without the ribbon. The medals awarded for merit in wartime were also awarded with a clasp reading "WELTKRIEG 1914-16". The clasps conferred upon women were shaped like an oak leaf, and the clasps conferred upon men were rectangular-shaped with rounded corners.

A total of six gold, 300 silver, and 860 bronze medals were awarded. When the Type III medal was awarded to women it was worn on a bow ribbon.


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