Long Service Decoration, Type II, Gold Medal for 21 Years


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  • Long Service Decoration, Type II, Gold Medal for 21 Years Obverse
  • Long Service Decoration, Type II, Gold Medal for 21 Years Reverse

Estimated market value:

$1,500 USD


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    The image of the Long Service Decoration, Type II, Gold Medal for 21 Years is attributed to Thies & Johnsoon, Catalog 1, November 21-22, 2014. Please see the following page for more information: https://www.andreas-thies.de/onTEAM/grafik/TJ_A01_097_128.pdf

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A smooth circular medal with a raised edge, constructed of gold. The obverse features the crowned and intertwined monogram ‘AFA’, superimposed on a laurel branch on the right side and an oak leaf branch on the left side, tied together by a ribbon at the bottom. The reverse features the inscription ‘FÜR LANGE U. TREUE DIENSTE’ (‘for long and loyal service’), surrounded by a wreath of 14 rue leaves. On a loop for suspension, on a white ribbon with two broad green centre stripes and narrow green borders.


The Long Service Decorations were instituted on December 24, 1831 by King Anton and the co-regent Friedrich August. They were awarded to non-commissioned officers and enlisted men for long and faithful service.

The Silver Medal was awarded for 15 years, while the Bronze Medal was awarded for 10 years. The obverse features the cypher AFA for Anton (König) and Friedrich August. The reverse presents the inscription “Für lange u. gute Dienste”.

The Type II (1873-1913) decorations were instituted by King Albert. They were created to honour the impeccable work of those who served the country. The medals for 10 and 15 years were no longer awarded.

The medals were renewed by King Albert on April 23, 1874, wherein he changed the number of years associated with each medal and added a gold grade.

When calculating the time served by the recipient, the years served during active warfare counted twice.

The Gold Medal for 21 Years was made of four ducats of gold. Between 1874 and 1877, 182 copies were minted. From 1878 to 1913, 306 copies were minted.


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