Order of Maria Anna, II Class Cross

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  • Order of Maria Anna, II Class Cross Obverse
  • Order of Maria Anna, II Class Cross Obverse
  • Order of Maria Anna, II Class Cross Reverse
  • Order of Maria Anna, II Class Cross Reverse


  • country
  • date of institution
    May 15, 1906
  • remarks
    The German name of the award is ‘Maria-Anna-Orden, Kreuz 2. Klasse'.

Physical Description

A curved cross with clipped tips, constructed of silver gilt and enamel. On top of the 12 o’clock arm is an agraffe to which eyelet and loop are attached. The arms are enamelled in blue with narrow golden edges. The obverse centre medallion is pebbled and golden. It features the left-facing head of Maria Anna. The medallion ring is enamelled in white with golden and smooth inner and outer borders. It features golden ornamental arabesques. The reverse is similar, except that the centre medallion features the monogram ‘MA’. On a loop for suspension, on a light blue ribbon with white side stripes.


The Order of Maria Anna was instituted by King Friedrich August III, to commemorate his deceased mother Maria Anna, on May 6, 1906. The order was awarded to women that had rendered distinguished service to the court, and within public service and non-profit organizations.

This order followed the Order of Sidonia, but preceded the Carola Medal.

Originally, the order had three classes. In 1913, a decoration was added between the II Class and the Maria Anna Cross.

During the First World War, the Maria Anna Order was used as a war award.

Following the death of a recipient, or should the recipient be upgraded to a higher class, the decorations had to be returned. No awards were granted to foreigners.

The II Class Cross presents the same cross as the I Class Cross, but without the crown. It was awarded 49 times. In 1915, the II Class was not awarded at all.


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    Silver gilt/Enamelled

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    Rev: MA

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    49 were awarded.

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