War Merit Medal, 1914 (in silver)


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  • War Merit Medal, 1914 (in silver) Obverse
  • War Merit Medal, 1914 (in silver) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$100 USD


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    Obv: G 1914 Rev: VERDIENST IM KRIEGE
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Physical Description and Item Details

Silver, 39.5 mm, nice detail, contact marks and surface wear, very fine.

A smooth circular medal with a raised edge, constructed of silver. The obverse features the inscription ‘VERDIENST IM KRIEGE’ (‘for merit in war’), surrounded by a laurel wreath that is tied at the bottom by a ribbon. The reverse features the crowned, mirrored, and intertwined monogram ‘G’ with the date ‘1914’ underneath. On a loop for suspension, on a yellow ribbon with a blue centre stripe and blue side stripes, and on a blue ribbon with narrow yellow edges for merit at the home front.


The War Merit Medal was first instituted in Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt and Schwarzburg-Sondershausen on October 21, 1870. The medal was renewed by Prince Günther of Schwarzburg Rudolstadt and Sondershausen on August 21, 1914. The decoration was conferred upon citizens of both princedoms who rendered exceptional service during the First World War.

The medal was conferred on the Honour Cross ribbon if the recipient directly fought the enemy. It was conferred on a blue ribbon with yellow stripes if the recipient did not directly fight the enemy, but instead demonstrated loyalty and merit by fulfilling the duty they were assigned to do. It is uncertain whether the difference in the ribbon will affect the price of the medal.


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