Reserve Long Service Decoration, Type II, II Class Bar (in brass gilt, 1891-1912)


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  • II Class Bar (1891-1912) Obverse
  • II Class Bar (1891-1912) Reverse

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    Brass gilt
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    Obv: W
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Physical Description and Item Details

(Bandschnalle). Constructed of gilt metal with multi-coloured woven fabric ribbon, horizontal backpin, unmarked, measuring 40 mm (w) x 25 mm (h), in near very fine condition.


The Reserve Long Service Decoration was founded on April 18, 1879, by King Karl of Württemberg. The Decoration was established in two grades, I Class Cross and II Class Bar. The I Class Cross was conferred upon Officers and military doctors who voluntarily served in the military reserve force for at least 20 years.

The II Class Bar was conferred upon Non-Commissioned Officers and enlisted ranks of the military reserve forces who rendered long and irreproachable service. In order to receive the award, a potential recipient had to have participated in at least one field campaign or had to have served in the active military force for at least three months.

In addition, the II Class Bar was also conferred upon individuals who had rendered three years of service in the active military force and had been required to serve for a longer time due to mobilisation. In order for this individual to receive the award, they must have never surrendered during their time in the armed forces. Individuals who met the aforementioned requirement were eligible to receive the award even if they had spent less that three months in the reserve force.

The II Class Bar could be retroactively awarded to former members of the reserve force, who were transferred to Württemberg’s militia and either participated in the War of 1870-1871 or served in the active force for at least three months.

The Type II awards were unofficially introduced under King Wilhelm II in 1891. The appearance of the II Class Bar was slightly changed to feature a "W" for King Wilhelm II.


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