Academic Order of the Carlsschule, Cross

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    This Order may be associated with "Hohe Carlsschul" the military academy founded by Karl Eugen, Duke of Württemberg in Stuttgart, Germany. The academy was originally founded in 1770 as a military orphanage, but it became a military academy in 1773.


The Order was established by Duke Carl Eugen of Württemberg in 1772. It was awarded to students from the Hohe Carlsschule, an elite military and art academy, who demonstrated exceptional academic performance and had won at least 4 prizes related to scientific study. Recipients of the award, regardless of class or background, were placed in the service of the Duke. If a recipient wanted to pursue a career in the military, they were able to enter with a rank that was one higher than what they would have received otherwise.

The recipients of the Order were referred to as "chevalier" and were placed before the nobility in the Hohe Carlsschule Adressbuch. Knights of the Order had a separate dormitory and received better food. While at the school, recipients wore the decoration from around their neck, as well as an embroidered breast star on the right side of their tunic.

In 1773, Duke Carl expanded the Order and created and a Grand Cross for nobility and students who had received at least 8 prizes related to scientific study. The recipients of this award were referred to as "Grandchevalier".

The Order was discontinued in 1793 following the death of Duke Carl Eugen.

The Cross was awarded 41 times.


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