Cholm Shield, Heer/Army


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  • Cholm Shield, Heer/Army Obverse
  • Cholm Shield, Heer/Army Reverse
  • Cholm Shield, Heer/Army Obverse Detail

Estimated market value:

$3300 USD


  • Country
  • Composition
    Silvered Steel (magnetic)
  • Inscription
    Obv: CHOLM 1942
  • Version Remarks
    This commemorative shield is very scarce. There were approximately 5500 shields awarded in total. The badges are composed of Silvered Iron Sheet and are magnetic.

Physical Description and Item Details

In silvered steel sheet (magnetic), with Army cloth backing, in very fine condition.


The Cholm Shield was instituted on July 1st, 1942, and was conferred upon all military personnel who participated in the Battle of Cholm Pocket from January 21st to May 5th, 1942.

The design of this badge was originally made by Generalleutnant Theodor Scherer and Polizei-Rottwachtmeister Schlimmer, but was altered before production by Dr. Richard Klein.

From January 21st to May 1942, 5,500 men from various formations held the fortress area of Cholm. The men improvised an airstrip, measuring only 70x25 yards, which was used to deliver supplies and munitions to the encircled garrison. Aircrews who actually landed on the airstrip, and did not simply drop the supplies from the air received a Cholm Shield.

This is a very scarce German combat shield. There were only approximately 5500 recipients.


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