Life Saving Medal (non-wearable)


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  • Life Saving Medal (non-wearable) Obverse
  • Life Saving Medal (non-wearable) Reverse
  • Life Saving Medal (non-wearable) Obverse
  • Life Saving Medal (non-wearable) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$350 USD


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Physical Description and Item Details

A heavy round silver medal; the obverse with an eagle with a shield on its chest depicting a mobile swastika; the reverse inscribed “Für rettung aus Gefahr” (German - For rescue from danger); measuring 49.81 mm in diameter; weighing 54.2 grams.


The Life Saving Medal has a long history and it was originally founded as a Prussian award, but it was made an award of the Reich in 1933 by President Hindenburg.

The Medal was conferred upon German citizens and foreigners who risked their lives to save a victim from a perilous situation.

Each recipient had to be acting independently, had to be at least 18 years old, and could only be awarded the Medal once; recipients under the age of 18 received a non-wearable medal. The non-wearable medal was also awarded in recognition of "lesser" life saving acts.

The 1933-1937 medal features the German Eagle, and the 1937-1945 medal features the German eagle with a swastika on a small shield on its chest.

The reverse inscription translates to, "For Rescuing from Danger."


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