Lorient Shield (in metal)


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  • Lorient Shield (in metal) Obverse
  • Lorient Shield (in metal) Reverse
  • Lorient Shield (in metal) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$2000 USD


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    Obv: 1944 LORIENT
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Lorient was a German submarine base in Brittany, which remained an isolated area of resistance following the successful American attack on the beaches of Normandy in 1944, and the liberation of the rest of the area.

The troops in this area were completely cut off from the rest of the German armed forces, and they created the Badge themselves in a local fish cannery.

The design of the badge was approved by the garrison's Commander, Admiral Henneke in December 1944.

The design of material varies, with one version produced near the end of the war depicting a warrior with an upraised shield symbolizing the defence from an aerial attack.

The badges are composed out of a variety of materials, as they were produced from whatever material was readily available. Eventually supplies ran out, and the badges could no longer be issued.

This Badge is unofficial, although it is of considerable historical interest.


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