NSDAP Long Service Award, I Class


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  •  I Class Obverse
  •  I Class Obverse
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  •  I Class Reverse

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    Bronze gilt/Enamelled
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Physical Description and Item Details

(NSDAP Dienstauszeichnung in Gold für 25 Jahre). A cross pattee constructed of bronze gilt, with white enameled arms, and with gilt sun rays between the arms of the cross; the obverse with a central white enameled medallion bearing a national eagle superimposed on the award, clutching a mobile wreathed swastika, all within a wreath; the reverse with a similar central white enameled medallion, inscribed “Treue für Führer und Volk” (German - Loyalty for the Leader and the People); on a loop for suspension, marked “19” for “Ferdinand Wiedmann, Lüdenscheid”; measuring 42.19 mm (w) x 42.03 mm (h); weighing 23.7 grams; accompanied by its mint period original ribbon; accompanied by its case of issue; constructed of heavy cardstock, with a red lightly textured faux leather (leatherette) exterior, with a political eagle embossed in gold on the exterior of the lid; with a lined interior lid and a recessed medal bed, along with a functional spring catch with stud release, and a functional exterior metal hinge; measuring 68 mm (w) x 105 mm (h); in virtually mint condition.


The NSDAP Long Service Award was instituted on April 2nd, 1939, and conferred upon all members of the NSDAP for longstanding loyalty and devotion to the Führer and the party. The Award was issued in three grades for 10, 15 and 25 years of service. Men and women were both eligible to receive the Award; men usually wore the award on the left breast, while women wore it on a ribbon around the neck. Awards were annually conferred on January 30th, with the last date of eligibility being October 31st of the previous year.

In order to receive the award, service had to be uninterrupted, but exceptions were made for compulsorily military service, service in the Spanish Civil War and service in the Second World War. Service in the following organisations would be counted: Nazi Party, S.A., S.S., National Socialist Motor Corps, National Socialist Flyers Corps, Hitler Youth, League of German Girls, German Youth, Young Girl`s League, National Socialist Factory Cell Organization, and the German Labour Front. Simultaneous service in two of these services did not count for double the time.

The I Class was conferred for 25 years of service.


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