Legion Condor, Spanish Cross in Bronze


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  • Spanish Cross in Bronze
  • Spanish Cross in Bronze
  • Spanish Cross in Bronze
  • Spanish Cross in Bronze

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$800 USD


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    The Spanish Cross in Bronze without Swords was awarded 7869 times.

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c. 1939. (Spanienkreuz in Bronze ohne Schwerter). A bronze vaulted Maltese cross with Luftwaffe eagles affixed between the arms of the cross; the center with a mobile swastika; the reverse plain, with a slender vertical banjo style pinback, and a functional hinge/catch assembly; an unmarked example; measuring 55.11 mm (w) x 56.20 mm (h); weighing 26.3 grams; in overall very fine condition.


On April 14th, 1939, Adolf Hitler instituted the Spanish Cross as both a campaign medal and a decoration. The Cross was conferred upon German citizens who filled combative and non-combative roles during the Spanish Civil War.

With the outbreak of the war in July 1936, the German government sent the tactical group known as the Condor Legion to assist Francisco Franco and his nationalist forces. The Condor Legion consisted of a fighter wing, a bomber wing, a reconnaissance squadron, Flak regiments, paratroopers and an air-signal unit. In addition, some German naval forces were also sent to aid Franco’s cause.

The Combatant version of the decoration features crossed swords, and was awarded in gold, silver, or bronze according to the rank and merit of the recipient.

The Combatant version could be award to individuals who participated in the naval actions including: the aerial attack on the German cruiser “Deutschland” (May 19, 1937), the reprisal bombardment of the Almeria (May 31, 1937), and the bombing of German ships off Palma (May 1937). Three months of service on Spanish waters also qualified an individual for a Spanish Cross (silver or bronze).

The Non-Combatant version of the decoration does not feature crossed swords, and was awarded in bronze or silver according to the rank and merit of the recipient. This version was awarded for a minimum of three months of service in Spain.


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