German Order, III Class Cross


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  • German Order, III Class Cross Obverse
  • German Order, III Class Cross Reverse
  • German Order, III Class Cross Obverse
  • German Order, III Class Cross Detail
  • German Order, III Class Cross Detail

Estimated market value:

$20500+ USD


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    Bronze gilt/Enamelled
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Physical Description and Item Details

(Deutsche Orden, Kreuz III. Klasse). This is an extremely rare and well-preserved example of a German Order, III Class Breast Star. Constructed of gilded bronze with multi-coloured enamels, the obverse presents as a Cross Pattée with opaque black enameled arms, intricately trimmed with gilt oak leaf borders. The arms are joined by gilt NSDAP-style German national eagles clutching wreathed mobile swastikas. The cross bears a central Golden Party Badge-style applique, in the form of a black enameled mobile swastika on a white enameled field, circumscribed by a ring of red enamel inscribed “NATIONAL-SOZIALISTISCHE D.A.P.” (“NATIONAL SOCIALIST GERMAN WORKERS’ PARTY”), surrounded by an additional ring of white enamel within a gilt laurel leaf wreath border. The reverse presents plain, with a barrel hinge and wide banjo-style pinback meeting a round wire catch. The cross measures 48.45 mm (w) x 48.67 mm (h), and weighs 33.4 grams. While unmarked, the only known official maker of this cross was the firm of Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid. Aside from minor flecking of the enamels, the cross presents free of evident faults and is in an extremely fine condition.


The Order was established in 1942, and was the most important decoration that the Nazi Regime could confer upon an individual for outstanding service to the party and state.

The Order had many unofficial names, including "Great German Order" and the "Highest Order of the Party.”

Another informal name of this Order was the "Hitler Order,” as the Order recipients were personally selected by Adolf Hitler and the reverse featured his signature.

There were only eleven recipients of this Order, seven of which were awarded posthumously, thus garnering the Order the moniker of the "Dead Hero Order."

The only two living recipients to be awarded the Order were Konstantin Hierl on February 24, 1945, and Arthur Axmann on April 28, 1945.

The Order was originally designed by Benno von Arent and featured three grades, the I Class Neck Cross (with laurel leaves and swords), II Class Neck Cross, and III Class Cross (pinback).

Only the I Class Neck Cross (with laurel leaves and swords) and II Class Neck Cross were ever awarded.

There are variations of this medal which feature a different pinback.


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