Grand Cross of the Iron Cross (by Juncker, 800)


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    Unknown Maker
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    Obv: 1939 Rev: 1813
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    This version is extremely rare.

Physical Description and Item Details

This version features an "800" stamp denoting silver content on the reverse under the suspension ring. It has been suggested that the reason for the stamp may be that these pieces were produced before the introduction of the LDO numbering system.


The Iron Cross was originally founded in 1813, and was considered Germany’s highest military decoration. On September 1st, 1939, Adolf Hitler renewed the Order of the Iron Cross and instituted the decoration in four grades, II Class Iron Cross, I Class Iron Cross, Knight’s Cross and Grand Cross.

The 1939 Grand Cross was to be conferred upon senior field commanders whose leadership dramatically influenced the outcome of a major battle or campaign. It was conferred only once, upon Hermann Göring on July 19th, 1940, for the participation of the Luftwaffe in the campaigns in France and the Low Countries.

Göring’s original Grand Cross was destroyed and he replaced it with one composed of black onyx and platinum. The frame was crafted by Professor H. Zeitner, a goldsmith in Berlin.

The location of Göring’s Grand Cross is unknown.


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