KdF Ordnungsdienst Armband (Ordnerdienst version)


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    The image of the KdF Ordnungsdienst Armband (Ordnerdienst version) is attributed to John R. Angolia and David Littlejohn from their book “Labor Organizations of the Reich”.


The DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront = German Labour Front) was the result of a forced association of all German trade unions, established on May 10, 1933. Its purpose was the coordination and control of all aspects of German labour to serve the interests of the NSDAP. The DAF leader was Reichsleiter Robert Ley.

The KdF (Kraft durch Freude = Strength through Joy) was a sub-organisation of the DAF tasked with providing after-work recreational activities and entertainment, ranging from sporting events to theatre or opera visits to luxury Mediterranean holiday cruises. The purpose was to increase general well-being and productivity of the workforce, as well as the tearing down of former German Imperial class barriers in an effort to unify all Germans under the leadership of the national socialist party.

Armbands in the KdF were worn to identify positions, assignments, and functions. They will sometimes have control stamps on them.

The “Ordnungsdienst” armband was worn by KdF control service members. The armband is red with black print. It also exists in an “Ordnerdienst” variant as a white armband with black and red print.


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