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  • SA Flag Bearer Gorget Obverse
  • SA Flag Bearer Gorget Obverse
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  • SA Flag Bearer Gorget Obverse

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Constructed of nickel-silver (non-magnetic), with a center applique consisting of a nickel-plated roundel featuring a SA/early SS belt buckle motif superimposed on gilded sun rays; with two decorated bosses on the obverse, one on the top left and top right corners; the reverse with two hooks for suspension, and a long interloped chain; the reverse of the gorget itself lined with black felt; unmarked; measuring 128 mm x 120 mm; light mothing on the reverse and light fading of the finish on the obverse; in overall near extremely fine condition.


The SA (Sturmabteilung, storm detachment) was established in 1921 as a paramilitary protection squad of the NSDAP. The members of the SA were tasked with protecting party leaders at political rallies and meetings from the paramilitary forces of the opposing political factions. The SA was first utilised on November 4, 1921 at a meeting held in Munich’s "Hofbräuhaus" beer hall. The organisation was banned after the failed putsch in 1923 and was reactivated in February 1925.

The SA Flag Bearer Gorget was introduced in early August 1929 at the Reichsparteitag in Nuremberg. When the gorget was initially introduced, it was worn by members of the SA and SS. The heart-shaped gorget is made of stamped brass that has been plated with nickel-silver. The majority of the metal backplates were press-formed and have a raised lip that runs around the edge. The obverse features a gold-coloured sunburst with a silver-plated disk in the center. The disk is stamped with an eagle clasping an enwreathed sunwheel-like swastika in its talons. In each corner, there is an ornate brass button that is plated with nickel-silver.

The reverse of the backplate is covered with cloth and features a metal tang, which hooked through a buttonhole on the wearer’s tunic. The gorgets were produced by a variety of different manufacturing firms and some may feature an RZM stamp and manufacturer’s code on the tang. However, not all of the gorgets were stamped by the manufacturers. The gorget chain attaches to two metal tabs that are affixed to the upper corners on the reverse.

SA regiment and battalion flagbearers wore the Flag Bearer Gorget at a variety of events, including commemorative party functions, parades, and meetings. The gorget was worn over the wearer’s brown shirt or service tunic.

There is a version of the gorget that features a silvered eagle mounted on an enamelled centerpiece. It was likely manufactured for private sale.


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