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The SA (Sturmabteilung, storm detachment) was established in 1921 as a paramilitary protection squad of the NSDAP. The members of the SA were tasked with protecting party leaders at political rallies and meetings from the paramilitary forces of the opposing political factions. The SA was first utilised on November 4, 1921 at a meeting held in Munich’s "Hofbräuhaus" beer hall. The organisation was banned after the failed putsch in 1923 and was reactivated in February 1925.

On July 7th, 1932, a brown four-pocket Service Tunic was introduced for all ranks of the SA. The tunic was manufactured out of brown wool and lined with light brown artificial silk/rayon. The four front pockets are pleated and have scalloped flaps that close with pebbled, silvered buttons. The tunic collar is often, but not always piped according to the rank of the wearer: aluminium cord for Officers and twisted black and aluminium cord for Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Enlisted Men (EMs).

The tunic was originally worn with straight leg brown trousers but as of April 1933, SA members were permitted to wear the tunic with black trousers, as long as they did not wear decorations on the tunic. Officer ranks were eligible to wear the tunic with brown riding breeches.


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