SS-TV Death's Head 1st pattern NCO/EM Collar Tabs


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In March of 1933, the SS-Wachverbände (SS-Guard Units) were instituted to administer the concentration camps of the Third Reich. In 1936, the administrative and guard units of the SS-Wachverbände were re-designated as the SS-Totenkopfverbände.

Originally, Officers of the SS-TV wore their battalion (Sturmbann) number in Roman numerals under a skull on their right collar tab. Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Enlisted Men (EMs) wore their company (Hundertschaft) number in Arabic numerals under a skull on their right collar tab. On the left side of the collar, a tab that denoted rank was worn.

The early pattern SS-TV collar tabs were introduced in around 1935 and feature a vertical skull embroidered with aluminium wire. The skull was embroidered with aluminium wire until April of 1936.

In July of 1937, the five battalions of the SS-TV were re-organised into three regiments. Due to the change, Officers were no longer permitted to wear collar tabs with battalion numbers. In 1938, a fourth regiment was added to the SS-TV.

As of May of 1940, collar tabs that featured skulls, as well as numerals or letters, were no longer permitted to be worn. At this point in time, the design of the standard death’s head collar tab was changed so that the skull was positioned horizontally and looked to the left. In addition, the practice of wearing collar tabs with a skull on each one was forbidden.

Officer grade collar tabs were edged with aluminium piping, while NCO and EM collar tabs were piped with twisted black and aluminium cord.


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