SS-VT Inspectorate Officer Collar Tabs


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    The value given refers to a pair. This version was worn by Officers.


In 1934, the SS-Verfügungstruppe was officially formed through a merger of various paramilitary forces. Personnel of SS-VT were issued SS runes insignia that featured a small number or symbol that corresponded with the wearer’s regiment or assignment.

The earliest SS collar tabs were hand-embroidered using white or silver cotton thread for Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Enlisted Men (EMs), and aluminium wire or silver bullion for Officer ranks.

In September of 1934, the NCOs and EMs of the SS-VT were authorised to wear aluminium wire collar tabs with their black uniforms

The embroidery was done over cardboard templates and a piece of cloth or paper was secured over the back to prevent fraying.

In 1936, the RZM gained control over SS uniform production and collar tabs for NCOs and EMs began to be machine-embroidered. The machine-embroidered collar tabs were generally manufactured using black woven cloth and silver-grey or white cotton thread.

The manufacturers of machine-embroidered insignia were strictly regulated by the RZM and their products had to feature labels with the appropriate contract numbers.

The label used on SS goods feature the RZM symbol, SS runes, the manufacturer’s contract number, and the year of manufacture. If a firm was only involved in the embroidery process, the letters “St” (standing for Stickerei) were added to the label. Two labels would be added to the reverse if two manufacturing firms were involved in the production of a collar tab.

The collar tabs of NCOs and EMs are edged with black and white piping. Officer grades wore collar tabs with silver piping.

In October of 1936, an Inspectorate of the SS-VT was established to supervise the administration and training of SS field units.

The Inspectorate was a section of the SS Hauptamt (main office) and was located in Berlin.

Members of the Inspektion der SS-VT were issued a right collar tab that featured SS-runes and a gothic “I”.


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