Waffen-SS NCO/EM's Mountain Cap (buckled version)


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In October of 1940, the SS Mountain Troops serving in Norway received the authorization to wear the Army-style mountain cap or “Bergmütze.” The new cap was not only comfortable and easy to stow, but was also ideal for cold weather conditions, as it provided protection from the elements and the sun.

On April 15, 1941, all SS Mountain Troops were granted authorization to wear the Mountain Cap.

The cap was distributed with a white knitted cover, which would offer camouflage during snowy weather and in snow-covered terrain.

The mountain cap was incredibly popular and was the inspiration for the field cap introduced in 1943 for the Waffen-SS, Luftwaffe, and Army.

Following the introduction of the SS version of the M43 Field Cap, the SS Mountain Troops began wearing a distinctive Edelweiß insignia on the cap as a means to distinguish themselves from other units.

The Officer’s version of the mountain cap features silver-coloured piping along the crown of the cap.

The SS Mountain Cap differs from the Army issued Mountain Camp as it features a much larger front panel, which provides enough room for the attachment of a two-piece insignia, and also has a larger visor. In addition, the Army version features metal ventilation grommets and the SS version does not.

In addition, the SS version had a leather sweater band along the front interior. The addition of a sweatband also helps differentiate the SS Mountain Cap from the M43 Service Cap, which does not have a sweatband.

At times the SS version of the mountain cap was not available and caps from Army suppliers were obtained and issued to SS personnel instead.

There is a great deal of variation in the type of accessories used on the cap. Some caps feature a single button at the front, others feature two. In addition, the front flaps of same caps are fastened together with a buckle.


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